Solomon Kaikai popular known by his stage name SoloKai the Bolo Guy hails from Pujehun, the original hometown of the Kaikai’s, and was born in the Mattru Jong Bonthe District South of Sierra Leone. He was brought to the capital city of Freetown as a child, and was in those first stages of childhood raised in the Eastside of the capital.

His school life was quite interesting, he attended the Urban Centre Primary, and the Saint Edward’s Primary School in the first stages of his school life, later he attended the Albert Academy Secondary School, transferred to the Holy Trinity Secondary School in Kenema, and went to the great Government Secondary School, Bo later on, where he sat to his West African Secondary School Certificate Examination.


Raised to be a thinker, and creative human being, he grew up with a love and passion for music, performed as a young boy at various school talent exhibition events. He was exposed at a very young age to the sound and rhythm of classic folk band performers like the Blind Musical Flames, Afro Combo, and other popular live bands that used to perform at the Deep Water Quay Port Canteen where his mother used to work as a cook and per time waitress, and where his uncles and other close relatives used to DeeJay.


Over the years, he has performed at many shows featuring the best up and coming young Sierra Leonean rap artists and music makers in and out of the country, and is popularly known to be one of the major pioneers of the “New School” music revolution in Sierra Leone. He has a great relationship with other artists, and has collaborated with a number of them.


After working on his solo debut Fist of the North Star, he became a member of a notorious rap trio, The Street Team commonly known as TST. From thereon he was introduced to the world of professional recording, mixing, and mastering with celebrity producers like Jada Vizzle of Mercury Records, and many others.

He started going to radio interviews showcasing his rap skill around 2011 to 2013. From Hip Hop Explosion, with celebrated DJ Aelias of the famed Kalleone Radio 105.7 to AIRadio, Choice FM, Culture Radio, SLBC, and a countless other popular radio stations and radio shows around the country where he attained a height of trust and love from a large fan base of loyal followers of his art.

SoloKai was also a member of the Rude Boiz crew; five guys deep in the streets of Freetown music scene. With them, he recorded popular rap songs like Hot Nigga, Dat What’s Up, RudeBoiz and Light it Up with fame producer/engneer and recording artist Rayted Nexxt at Biko Studios. This studio, and his fallout with his former crew TST sparked his inspiration for his solo career.


Today , Solokai is a worldwide and well known recording artist, he is founder and CEO of Kanda Bɛlɛ Music and the #FLEXING lifestyle, with countless numbers of super hot singles in his name, singles like Shake, Go So, the three weeks number 1song on DJ Dabor’s music countdown chart – Koko, Kanda Bɛlɛ Music, Nothing Do Me, Flexing, Watch Film and many more, including countless features with various artists locally and internationally.

He is currently working to release his debut solo album, and other mind blowing projects. He is a practical example of the phrase “diamond in the rough”, a true poet with an unbeatable flow, arrangement of concepts, and style. His music embodies what it means to be a true master of the art, and makes unbelievers rethink their decisions. He is King Kai!

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