Big Sister Sierra Leone (BSSL) Season 2 Shortlist 100 participants

Not long after the much-anticipated Sierra Leone auditions in January 2020, the organizers and judges of the BSSL2 have short listed 100 young ladies whom they feel can represent Sierra Leone in the reality tv show.

The show will be hosting 25 women from 7 countries in West Africa and they will be competing for the grand price of $50,000. During the auditions we saw a flood of women from all over Sierra Leone and eventually only this lot have been selected. But the selection process has been handed down to us Sierra Leoneans to vote for our favourite persons who will eventually represent us in the Big Sister house.

But the intriguing question that stroke after hearing about the shortlisted number was; how many women does Big Sister actually want from Sierra Leone? Even though I believe the number of Sierra Leoneans will surpass other nationals, short listing a 100 has raised the hopes of many young ladies. In a bid to solve the equation; if Big Sister decides to select 3 participants from the 6 countries, Sierra Leone will be sending 7 ladies.

Therefore 7 out of a 100 seems like a very big cut, imagine the hopes raised, financed poured as all hundred of these ladies are asking their supporters to vote in order to get into the house. I can only imagine how much money will be made out of this first voting round.

Not withstanding this, ladies in other countries like The Gambia and Liberia are anxiously waiting for their audition dates to be published by the Organizers. The Big question is: who will be part of the lucky few?

Story by: Joannita Koroma

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