Drizilik win big at National Entertainment Awards 2019

As NEA continues to celebrate Sierra Leoneans for their excellent work in music, art, sport, fashion and movie. The year’s event which is the 3rd edition was headlined by hip-hop and afro-pop artists, CEO of Grand Mark Records “Benjamin Menelik George” aka Drizilik or Ben 10/10.

Drizilik who was nominated for five categories for this year’s award, took home four awards out of those five categories which makes him the highest award winner for the night followed by Star Zee with three awards.

This year he won for the first time “Male artist of the Year”, ” Male Afro Hip Hop artist of the Year”, as he is known for good stage performances he also won “Best Performer of the Year” and his Shukubly album which has got streamings and playing time in and out of Sierra Leone won “Album of the Year”.

Drizilik has been Sierra Leone most consistent artist with a lot of recognition among elders, youths and even outside Sierra Leone. He recently staged a Shukubly Music Festival which was one of the most successful events of the year.

Last year Drizilik also won ” Male afro hip-hop artist of the Year”. Reacting to the awards he dedicates all the awards won to each and everyone who has contributed to his career.

“This is dedicated to everyone who has played a part in my career, to this level. God oversees everything. NEA❤.” Drizilik on Social media.

Story by: Alhassan Lamin Kargbo

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